Homeowner Guidelines

Property Maintenance, Animal Care and Signage


Homeowners are requested to use diligence in the maintenance of roadside trees to avoid risk of injury or damage to property. Please contact the Tree/Beautification Chairperson if you become aware of any trees on Hillcrest Park Tax District property which require maintenance.

Property Maintenance

It is a long established practice in the Park that residents are responsible for the maintenance of their property up to the edge of the roads including any land between a fence or wall and the road. Every homeowner has an obligation to maintain the healthy trees on their property and to remove trees or limbs if they are diseased or dead. Likewise, piles of leaves and woodchips are expected to be removed.

Any tree limbs, branches, trunks of other debris that end up on your property following a storm are your responsibility to clean up even if they came from your neighbors’ property or the electric company or a Park hired contractor stacked the wood on your land when clearing the road.

If a homeowner is notified by his/her neighbor or the Tree/Beautification Chairperson that a tree or a limb on his property is a danger and should be taken care of and it subsequently falls on property not belonging to the homeowner, then it becomes the obligation of the homeowner to remedy the situation and bear the cost of any damage and/or removal.

Outdoor Work

The Tax District expects all residents to comply with Section 6B of the Town of Greenwich ordinances relating to noise as it may be in effect from time to time. Currently, that ordinance provides as follows to Domestic power tools/equipment:

  1. No person shall operate or permit the operation of any mechanically powered saw, drill, grinder, lawn or garden tool or any other tool between the hours of 9 pm and 8 am the following day.
  2. The above does not apply to the use of snow-removal equipment.
  3. No person shall operate or permit the operation of any gasoline-powered leaf blower between 6 pm and 8 am Monday through Friday, and between 3 pm and 9am Saturday, Sunday and holidays.
Leaf Disposal

Homeowners are responsible for leaf disposal and proper supervision of garden workers. Leaves or debris should not be blown or deposited on Park roads or onto other property.

Roadside Visibility

Residents are responsible for trimming roadside plantings and shrubbery that projects into the roadway, narrowing the road and obscuring visibility for motorists and pedestrians.

Clothes lines

Outdoor drying paraphernalia is to be screened from view of neighbors and passersby.


Newspapers, telephone books and other mailings or deliveries are to be picked up quickly and not left in the driveway or around mailboxes.

Gravel Driveways

In view of the maintenance burden and expense which loose gravel from driveways imposes on the Association’s roads, homeowners are strongly discouraged from selecting a gravel driveway surface. Homeowners with gravel driveways are asked to promptly remove any gravel that has migrated from their property onto the road.


Chain link fencing when used for tennis courts, dog fencing, pool fencing or other purposes should be vinyl-clad in inconspicuous dark colors and screened from view by non-deciduous decorative planting materials. Galvanized chain link fencing is detrimental to property values and is not appropriate to the residential character of the Park.

Tag Sales

Tag sales are strongly discouraged. Tag sales generate traffic, cause parking problems on our narrow roads, and create serious security risks for all Park residents.


Homeowners are responsible for keeping their dogs on their own property and for abiding with the Town of Greenwich leash laws. Dog owners walking their dogs in the Park should clean up after their animals. Roaming dogs constitute a nuisance and a safety hazard. Invisible electric fencing that confines dogs to the owner’s property is strongly encouraged. Barking dogs should be taken inside the home so they do not disturb your neighbors.

Feeding of Wild Animals

Homeowners should not place foodstuffs of any kind that would be accessible to wild animals, either outdoors or anywhere on their own property.

Speed Limit

The speed limit in Hillcrest Park is 15 MPH. Please observe it and ensure that all drivers in the household and visitors are aware of this limit. Our neighbors in Hillcrest Park West and Hillcrest Lane request that you apply the same speed limit when travelling on their streets.


Pursuant to the By-Laws of the Hillcrest Park Tax District with special reference to Article 1 thereof which provide inter alia that a purpose of the tax district shall be “to establish park security and safety procedures” and Article 10th thereof which provides inter alia that the Directors “may adopt such rules and regulations for…the exercise of its powers and the management of the affairs of the tax district as it may deem proper…” the Board of Directors of the Hillcrest Park Tax District adopted the following special regulation 1/9/1992:

There shall not be erected or maintained on any Park property or upon any property owned by anyone and located within the bounds of the Tax District any commercial sign offering for sale goods or services of the occupant or the premises nor for the purpose of offering the premises for sale or rent.

Trash and Recycling

Trash and Recycling are collected weekly by the Trash Hauler. The Trash Hauler for Hillcrest Park is Longo Brothers’ Carting. Bobby Longo can be reached at (203) 323 1147 or (203) 981 8374. Trash is picked up on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Recycling will be picked up on Wednesday. Please leave all trash and recycling outside your garage so that the trash hauler will be able to pick up your trash during his rounds.

The trash hauler will be leaving a note on the front door of residents if he has been unable to pick up the trash citing the reason for the inability. Please contact the trash hauler directly at the number provided after the reason is addressed to get the trash picked up.

Please note that it is against the law to not recycle. Details of the Single Stream Recycling are provided on the Town of Greenwich, CT website at www.greenwichct.org/recycle.

For recycling, choose any large clean bin (for ease of hauling, please keep it at or below 30 gallons) that best fits your needs. It must have a lid to keep paper from blowing away. Empty and rinse all containers. Do not line your bin with a plastic bag. The Town of Greenwich urges residents to not use the blue bins in this regard. Combine all recyclables in one bin:

  • Food and beverage plastics #1 thru 7
  • Waxed food and drink cartons (empty)
  • Cereal and cracker boxes (empty)
  • Mixed paper and junk mail
  • Cardboard, paperboard, brown bags
  • Cans and bottles (clean, no tops)
  • Newspapers (no need to bundle)

A detailed list is found at http://www.greenwichct.org/upload/medialibrary/10a/pwWAWheretoDiscard.pdf.

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